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Bird's Eye Drone Imaging LLC., High Resolution Imaging Customized Just For You!



How much does it cost?

For five little words, this is a very difficult question to answer.  Every job is different and has many unique variable factors to consider, such as: area size, resolution, processing, permits, authorization, travel distance, raw images vs full video production, etc. Therefore, I prefer to price each operation individually.
That said, as a gideline billing is based on $150 to start and $150 /hour there after.  I will work with you through out the shoot to get the images you are looking for.  After filmng you will recieve all of the raw images in a digital format to use as you see fit
Post production is time consuming, but it is where the magic happens!  My general charge is $2.50 per second of the finished video, but that could vary based on the complexity of the effects, animations and sound.  You'll know ahead of time what the costs will be.
Remember that phone consultations and estimates are free so give me, Cap Art, a call at: 440-570-2835


I recently worked with Art on a drone video project and everything was 1st class from the time we started until the finished video---which was just spectacular and included perfect video editing including gentle fades, scene transitions, a great musical selection, and descriptive graphics that were perfectly timed and placed.

Art's exceptional depth of knowledge and experience as a full-scale pilot really comes thru in his drone piloting & videography which is so precise and exacting yet flows like a gentle aerial ballet. The video that Bird's Eye Drone Imaging produced for me was literally breathtaking and everyone who has seen it is completely amazed.

Thank you Art for some incredible work!!!

Michael Cuy
NASA Glenn Research Center
Turbine Engine Materials Testing

Art was an absolute pleasure to work with! He is friendly, flexible, and creative enough to provide multiple ideas and options for those of us who do not share his artistic talents.

Kristen Zucco Marketing Communications Coordinator
Paul Davis Restoration


I highly recommend Arthur Ritchie and his incredible drone work. He exceeded our expectations by not only his photography and video work, but his super positive attitude about the whole experience. He really showed his expertise as a pilot and as a special person. ART IS AWESOME!!

David Urban, REALTOR
John R Wood Properties


Birds Eye Drone Imaging is a wonderful service. The quality of the video and production is great. The customer service is impeccable. Thank you for such a great product.

Brett Robertson
Montville Twonship, Ohio

So What Are Our Services?

In a nut shell and simply put, our services are photography and videography with high resolution state of the art cameras that happen to  fly!  We film for both business and personal clients.  Our services are only limited by your imagination while keeping a close eye on safety and following all applicable rules and laws.   Bird's Eye Drone Imaging, LLC is fully insured and an FAA authorized commercial drone operator which is also authorized for close set film and TV production. 

Our Section 333 Exemption is No. 14947 and can be viewed here. 

We provide High Resolution Aerial Images for both commercial and private clients in multiple still & video formats up to 4K for uses including: 

  • Aerial imaging for real estate, insurance, architecture, engineering, land/crop surveying, and other related professional activities.

  • Full video editing and production along with still image editing and processing.

  • Production of digital Power Point presentations incorporating our videos and stills.  These can also be converted into PDF files for stunning printed brochures.

  • Aerial video for television, public events, private parties, music videos and cinematography.

  • Aerial inspection/photography of commercial utility infrastructure including electrical power lines, wind turbines and cell towers and more.

  • Aerial inspection/photography of residential structures including roof, gutters, chimneys and vents for example.

  • Aerial live video streaming real time through YouTube.

  • Aerial live video feed to assist with search and rescue operations when requested by local authorities or government officials.



All Drones currently flown at Bird's Eye Drone Imaging, LLC are from DJI and include both the
Inspire 2 and Phantom 3 Professional Drones.  We recently also added the new DJI Osmo camera too!

A few things to keep in mind when thinking of Drone photography are:

  1. Safety - For safety it is not permissible to fly Drones over top of people who are not directly involved in the photo shoot.  When ever groups of people are involved the Drone must film from the side and not directly from above. 
  2. Aircraft - Drones must be kept well away from manned aircraft.  For this reason Drones are not permitted to fly within 5 miles of an airport with an operating control tower such as Hopkins, Burke Lakefront and Akron Canton airports.  Drones are also not permitted to fly within 1 mile of an uncontrolled airport or above 400' above ground.  Waivers can be granted to fly closer than 5 miles to tower controlled airports, but those waivers take about 60 days to get.
  3. Weather - While Drones can take amazingly steady shots even in wind, they do have limits.  Any winds that are gusty and over 20 mph should be avoided as well as rain snow and fog.  Drones do not like water and are not found of cold either.  Most manufactures limit Drones to 32 degrees.

With the addition of the new DJI Osmo camera we can create Drone like images in areas that would normally be impractical for flying.  The Osmo is gyro stabilized to remove the jerkiness usually associated with handheld video while giving you a truly cinematic feel to the video.  With the use of a telescopic pole the camera can be made to fly through out and interior space.  The Osmo can also be used for very precise panoramic stills. 

When mounted on a tripod the Osmo camera can be remotely controlled to accurately sweep 360 degrees without catching the photographer in the shot.  The Osmo can also capture slow motion video at 120 frames per second and time lapse video as slow as 1 frame per second.



Some common questions and important notes.

A Few Quick Facts

FAA Authorization

Bird's Eye Drone Imaging LLC. holds a valid FAA Section 333 COA.  (Certificate of Authorization)  Our exemption No. is 14947 and can be viewed HERE.

Necessary Advanced Notice

Aerial drone filming requires a minimum of 24 hour advanced notice.  Required airspace notices can only be set up during a 24-48 hour window prior to flight.

Closed Set Production

Operations for the purpose of closed-set motion picture and television filming are permitted under Bird's Eye Drone Imaging's COA.

Closed Set Advanced Notice

Closed-set motion picture and television production require 3 days advanced notice for proper FAA authorization.  Special circumstances may allow for less time.

Contact Info

You can reach Cap Art at: 440-570-2835

Serving Medina Ohio and surrounding Counties!

Captain Art at: 440-570-2835

Custom Services: Safety allowing, all of our missions are flown according to your specific requirements!

15 Minutes Flight Time!

With 15 minutes of flight time, a lot can be accomplished on each flight.  Multiple batteries allow us to do mission after mission.

Large Group Photos!

Large group photos are no problem for a drone.  Are ability to pull back combined with wide angle lenses make this easy.

Incredible High Res Detail!

Wide format High Resolution images allow you to zoom into individual nuts and bolts to check on condition and damage.


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Eye in the Sky!

A fully charged battery has 23 minutes of total flight time available leaving us with 8 minutes of reserve upon landing.  This makes for a safe operation and increases overall battery life.

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Say Cheese!

Wide angle lenses are especially well suited for capturing a very  large viewing area outside.  Their panoramic eyes are well suited to the huge vistas one can view from above.

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Instant Inspections!

Aerial inspections don't just stop at towers.  Images of roof shingles, gutters, vents, chimneys, wind turbines and many other structures are possible.

A COMPLETE   Safe   Professional & Fun Photographic Experience!
--- Custom & Personal Experience ---
Contact Captain Art at 440-570-2835 for a consultation and a free quote.

Sharp Beautiful Views from Above!