Imaging From a Higher Perspective!


Picture and Video Clip Gallery

Below is a variety of images & videos from an assortment of Drone missions.  Many images have links to open up into either the full sized picture or a short clip of the video. Please enjoy our interactive images below. The High Resolution images & videos are fairly large and the links will open them up from our online Google Drive storage.  Google Drive is also one of the methods we use to pass images to our clients using discrete links to the folders and files.  The resolution you view the images in is determined by the device you are using.  For the highest resolution you can download the file and view it on a higher resolution device.  Visit our Facebook page for more client videos.  Check out our You Tube channel for some of our more Fun Videos!

Click here for a quick video introduction into the world of
Bird’s Eye Drone Imaging!

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    Stunning Real Estate Photo's

    Aerial Real Estate Photo's are perfect to bring out the Wow Factor of your home or business whether it's for personal or professional use.  Just a few feet of elevation totally changes the perspective of any building.

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    Paul Davis Rescues Christmas

    Indoor drone video of Paul Davis Restoration's big Christmas Eve save after fire & smoke damaged the University Circle United Methodist Church!

    Christmas Eve Rescued!
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    Indoor Drone Photography

    Indoor aerial still photography and videography are no problem.

    Catch a short clip
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    Virtual Aerial Tours

    Imaging from a Higher Perspective allows incredible viewing angles to showcase properties to prospective clients! 

    View an aerial tour
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    Cell Tower Inspection

    We can provide you with a complete high resolution photographic record of your tower in less time than it would take a crew to prepare to climb it and at a fraction of the cost!

    Short clip here
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    Fly Away to a View

    With the freedom of movement comes perspective and the ability to really get a feel for the neighborhood!

    How to Show off a Property!
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    Memories of a Lifetime

    Capture the magic of life's most special memories for all to see in an easily shared format! 

    John & Jennifer's Wedding
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    Beautiful Real Estate Tours

    Boost traffic and sales with incredible outside tours and views of properties!

    5570 Champion Creek Blvd. 
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    Fast Crop Survey

    Your fields can be documented in high def video and 12 MP stills in minutes.

    Rows of Corn
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    Real Estate Aerial Tour

    An aerial video tour can be a powerful sales tool in Real Estate Sales.  Stunning views are captivating to prospective clients!

    Aerial Tour Clip
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    Indoors at the Kent Stage

    This video of the band Flight 619 was entirely shot by drone at the Kent Stage.  You can see more of Flight 619 at Flight619.com    Rock On!

    Flight 619 and the song Sick OF
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    Our Lady of Angels

    This video was produced for Paul Davis Restoration.  Our Lady of Angels had a wee bit of a water problem until Paul Davis step in with some much needed major repairs!

    Our Lady of Angels
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    Gridiron Guys  Construction

    The  Poor Clares Monastery on Rocky River Dr. was a large and complex roof system that was easily documented from above by Bird's Eye Drone Imaging!

    Poor Clares Monastery
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    Perspective From Above 

    Another splendid image from a viewpoint about 30 feet up.

    Full size picture
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    See Your Panorama

    We can do complete 360º degree panorama above your home or business up to the legal limit of 400'. 

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    The Medina Square

    Relaxing Aerial Tour of Medina Square!

    Relaxing 2 Minute Clip
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    Shop With a Cop 2015

    Wide angle lenses are especially well suited for capturing a very  large viewing area outside.  Their panoramic eyes are well suited to the huge vistas one can view from above.

    View a short clip
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    Aerial Tour with Golf Course

    Imaging from a higher perspective is an incredible way to showcase the spectacular hidden attributes of a property's location!

    View a short clip, Fore!